Extreme Temperature; A quick fix for your motorhome/camper/RV roof

RV damages spoil the journey and mood

RV journey is very much exciting and enjoying for adventure lovers but what will happen that during temperature swing. Extreme temperature effects negatively on the people and on the camper Repair. Both are not bearable. One is dangerous for health and second one is dangerous for your pocket. RV is a kind of property and damages leaks or any problem can be reason of being D-value.

Temperature effects on RV roof

In extreme hot and cold temperatures, the Odor leaky material molecularly binds to and neutralizes odor-causing compounds to produce an additional level of smell running. When temperature in below zero temperatures for extended periods, Life becomes stop and people use to stop their journey, they used to make stand RV inside the garage or some hidden place and don’t spend time in it.

If any one cannot stop, then what to do?

But some people are compelled to spend that period inside the RV and have to survive the winter in CO at 8500′ in vacation trailers. It is very bitter experience for them, if they got leak or damage because in this season mostly people close their workshops for repair,   you are going to get worst situation if could not get any contractor. Second option will be any DIY product. Now you have to be very choosy to select the sealant.

Sealant and its performance is based on temperature

In market many good sealants are available with guarantee but the problem is that they don’t cure instantly. They need moderate temperature to dry and in extreme temperature they leave to work. They start cracking and breaking into pieces and become useless.

For instant permanent and easiest solution think about other options

Solution is to find the product which could survive under this temperature and cure the problem instantly and make the journey continue without any problem of leakage and damage. This solution must be permanent. Now comes to the liquid rubber and do little research that how long it sustains? What is its curing duration and how it works? EPDM is a liquid rubber which does not leave work during freezing temperature. Its result and performance is with unconditional warranty. It takes shortest time to dry and you can start your journey very soon.


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